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Arkesdn Road, Clavering, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4QU

At Fitness Focus you can train in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the results you want. Whether to lose weight, tone up, look good for that special occasion or even train for your first marathon. Fitness Focus is equipped with over 30 pieces of the latest equipment which will help you burn excess calories, strengthen your heart and lungs as well as tone and shape your body.

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Fitness Focus has everything you need to get fit and toned. There’s no joining fee and our friendly gym offers excellent rates at only £30 per month for no contract (pay as you go) and a one of payment of £300 for one year!

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Our Classes


All classes are chargeable! Please contact instructor for more info..

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Improves your mental and physical wellbeing, increases flexibility, and strengthens muscles.

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A fun and exciting whole body workout using numerous different stations.

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Danny’s power hour

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Body Conditioning

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Structed fitness

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Still feeling the effects of Thursday nights urban combat! Works just about every muscle in your body I think! Brilliant class and a great stress buster! Defiantly a must try!!

Hayley Daynes
Hayley Daynes

The gym is friendly and supportive and not at all over facing! Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone

Yasmin Stuart
Yasmin Stuart

I love going to fitness focus gym they are so friendly and helpful couldn't ask for more

Hannah Clark
Hannah Clark

Love this place! It ain't the most modern, but the atmosphere is brilliant, and people come here to WORK. I love it, and Im going to buy a fitness focus t shirt

Graham Gee Martin
Graham Gee Martin

I have trained at fitness focus for the last few years and have absolutely loved it! More so this year with the new premises and addition of classes!

Karen Marie Jolly
Karen Marie Jolly
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Meet the team

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Danny Quelch
Danny Quelch
Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor /Owner
Vicki Quelch
Vicki Quelch
Membership Manager
Kesley Dedman
Kesley Dedman
Personal Trainer
Liz carter
Liz carter
Personal Trainer

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