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Allison Mackrell


Allison Mackrell

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Experienced Personal Trainer Allison Mackrell (Alli) became a PT following a motor accident in which she suffered a broken neck. Her surgeon suggested exercise as a way to counteract future problems. She has also had back surgery (disc replacement) so understands the problems people have with backs and necks.

As part of her rehabilitation, Alli worked with a Personal Trainer and gained first hand experience of how core stability training could help with her physical problems. As a dancer from age 3, it was a natural progression for her to obtain a professional qualification that would enable her to to pass on to others the invaluable benefits of working with a professional. She gained an Exercise to Music qualification through the YMCA and went on to qualify as a Personal Trainer through Herts Regional College (YMCA course) giving her a Level 3 qualification, which includes nutrition and core stability. Alli is also a qualified Sports Masseuse (ICT).

Alli says ‘I love my clients and the unique environment that Danny has created at Fitness Focus, due mainly to his highly motivational, talented style.’ Her only bug bear are the 4.00am starts.

Qualified to train all age groups whatever their personal fitness goals, Alli’s motto is ‘train the movement and the muscles will follow’, this coupled with good nutrition.